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Shoo Flea Don’t Bother Me

Fleas may be tiny, but once they appear in your home. they can easily become a huge problem. 

Fleas usually ride in on animals and your your home can quickly become flea central.  Once they have taken up residence in your home, it is very difficult to get them out.  They will lay all of their eggs (up tp 50 a day) on your pet.  As your pet travels around your house, so do the fleas, imbedding themselves in the carpet, on the couch, un the curtains…in other words, everywhere.  While fleas may just start in the aanimals, they like people too! 

If your pet does have fleas, just giving them a bath does not mean the end of them.  Because fleas multiply so quickly, it is important to be thorough.  You don’t want eggs left behind – on your favorite chair.  Frequent vacuuming also gets rid of a lot of flea eggs.  The pet and the house must be treated; arrange a professional flea treatment for your animal. 

Keeping your animals clean and Flea free is one of the best things you can do to prevent fleas from entering your home.  If you currently have a flea problem though, hiring a professional exterminator is what you should really consider.  At Eco Tech we treat your entire home and yard, greatly reducing the amount of fleas in the area.  We also treat to prevent more fleas from reproducing, putting an end to the problem using our nontoxic organic product line.

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