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Minnesota Bat Bugs & Bat Removal

Bat bugs are parasites that live and feed on the native bats in our area.  Similar to the way that fleas live and feed on dogs.  Bat bugs are very similar to bed bugs and it takes a very trained eye and a microscope to tell them apart.  We typically find bat bugs in attics and other areas where large colonies of bats reside.  A large pile of bat guano under a bat roost in an attic will usually be crawling with bat bugs.  When you shine a flashlight on the pile of bat guano, it looks as if it’s alive and moving from all the bugs crawling through it.  Bat bugs are bloodsucking insects and usually feed on the blood from bats.  However if bats are not available they will attach themselves to other animals including humans.

Bat Bug Infestation

Bat bug infestations must be handled very carefully to avoid disastrous problems.  If bats are excluded from an attic and the bat bugs are left behind.  They will often drop down into the living space of the house while looking for a new host.  In this situation the homeowner ends up with hundreds (if not thousands) of bed bugs crawling throughout their home.  In some cases it can be more difficult to get rid of the bat bugs than the bats. ALWAYS bring in a professional pest control company that has experience in eliminating bat bugs when you have this type of problem.

If you have a severe bat infestation or you are encountering bat bugs in your home or attic, it is very important that proper inspection techniques and exclusion methods be utilized.  Call a professional today!

Damage Repair

After the bats have been removed and  the area has been cleaned and the exclusion work is complete, the next step is to repair the damage that was caused.

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