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Minnesota Bees and Wasps Control

Because of their environmental value, many pest companies recommend controlling bee populations rather than exterminating them.  You can prevent a wood-burrowing species from damaging your home or establishing a colony in a dangerous area by applying bee repellents.  Other repellents can be sprayed near areas where bees already exist, but you should be cautious.  Not only is this method dangerous for one who is unprotected, it is dangerous for others.  The bees may simply swarm to a neighbor’s home, rather than to a safer place. (more…)

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There are no absolute methods for the prevention of bed bugs are essentially “hitchhikers” and can be found anywhere, from in and around beds and furniture, to onboard airplanes and in movie theaters. They can even be found in computer keyboards.

The Basics of Bed Bug Control Here Are A Few Key Tips

  1.  Check the mattress for dark, speckled or stained areas whenever sleeping in a new or unknown bed.
  2.  Don’t forget to check the headboard and night stands, as well as closets, dresser and carpets within approximately five feet of each bed for an infestation. (more…)

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MN Pest Control for Minneapolis and St Paul

A little about Carpet Ants

Have you noticed a flow of large black ants hanging around somewhere in your home? Maybe you may have noticed some sawdust around your baseboards in the same general area as the ants? Chances are you have a carpenter ants trouble and you need to take care of them immediately. Carpenter ants can cause a lot bit of
damage in a short period of time, and what’s worse is they multiply rapidly. (more…)

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