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Bees & Wasps In MN

According to Pest Control Experts, there are several bee species. While most people envision bumblebees, that is to say bees swarming around a hive, many bees actually live in burrows.  Some burrow into wood.  Wasps, like bumblebees, create colonies. Wasps are particularly dangerous because while a common bee can only sting once, wasps can sting several times.

While there have been instances where wood-burrowing species have damaged homes, most prefer the rotting wood of trees.  Bees who develop hives can still cause great damage to one’s home should they find a means of establishing a hive within the structure, such as within a wall.

In such instances there is some risk that the weight of the honey produced can actually cause drywall to crumble, subjecting residents to a swarm of angry bees.  This is also very rare.  Most colonies can be identified by a number of protective males swarming about the area, though some may be more difficult to pinpoint.

Ridding your home of animals or pests is the first step in home repair.  Next is finding a company who can repair damages. Hiring a professional pest control can mean safe and efficient handling of the wasps and bees. A professional can handle your entire problem from start to finish, including pest control or animal removal, and the repair of damages that may have occurred.

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