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Bed Bugs Pest Control Treatments

Bed bugs were largely eradicated as pests in the early 1940s, but have increased in prevalence since about 1995.  Because bedbug infestations have been on the increase, bed bug bites and related conditions have been on the rise as well.  The exact causes of this resurgence remain unclear; it is variously ascribed to greater foreign travel, more frequent exchange of second-hand furnishings among homes, a greater focus on control of other pests resulting in neglect of bed bug countermeasures, and increasing resistance to pesticides.  Bed bugs have been known as human parasites for thousands of years. (more…)

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Bed Bug Infestation

Bedbugs usually cluster together in favorable harborage areas.  However, some bedbugs will live by themselves, away from the majority of the infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs

The best way to see if you have an infestation is to look for bedbugs where you rest and where you usually set down luggage (or bags) when you enter the house.  Your luggage and places where your luggage may be stored are also some of the first areas to look. (more…)

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Bed Bug Treatment Minneapolis Minnesota | Pest Control MN

Minnesota Is In The Top U.S. Cities For Bed Bug Infestations

15 Most Popular Locations for Bloodsucking Pests

Across the United States, everyone is checking under the covers before jumping into bed to avoid snuggling with an unwelcome bedfellow—the bed bug! While New York City has garnered the most attention for their onslaught of bed bug infestations, these parasites are popping up in American cities from coast to coast. In fact, a recent study identifies the top 15 cities for bed bug infestations.

Guess Who Is On The List?

The 2010 most bedbug-infested cities include:

  1. New York
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Detroit
  4. Cincinnati
  5. Chicago
  6. Denver
  7. Columbus, Ohio
  8. Dayton, Ohio
  9. Washington, D.C.
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Boston
  12. Indianapolis
  13. Louisville, Ky.
  14. Cleveland
  15. Minneapolis, Minn.

Bedbugs were almost eradicated from the United States following World War II, but increasing international travel and other factors have allowed these pests to regain a foothold in the United States.

It’s no surprise that highly trafficked cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles are on the list. It’s the bedbug problems in some of the other cities that prove bedbugs are back and can pop up anywhere. The bedbug problems in some of these other cities outpace markets of far greater size despite their having a fraction of the population and typically fewer travelers and hotels.

Because of the bedbugs’ tendency to hitch rides from one location to the next, high-traffic areas such as hotels, motels, airplanes and cruise ships are especially susceptible to infestations. Travelers should use the following tips to protect themselves from bedbugs:

  • Check headboards, mattresses and box springs for bedbugs and the dark blood spots they leave behind.
  • Hang all clothing. Leave nothing lying on the bed or furniture.
  • Avoid unpacking clothing and storing your clothing in the hotel’s furniture drawers.
  • Store baggage on a luggage rack as far from the bed as possible.
  • Vacuum suitcases when returning, and immediately wash clothing in hot water.

Consumers do not have to travel in order to bring a bedbug infestation into the home. Reports of bedbug infestations in office buildings and retail shops are on the rise, and homeowners should use the following tips to protect themselves:

  • Inspect furniture, antiques, used appliances or consignment items for signs of bedbugs before bringing them into the home.
  • Never pick up used mattresses or furniture left curbside.
  • Inspect clothing for bedbugs and wash (in hot water) new items in hot water after bringing them into the house.
  • Use zippered encasements on infested mattresses and box springs.
  • If you suspect you have bedbugs, have your home inspected by a trained professional. Bedbugs cannot be controlled by over-the-counter treatments.

Avoiding bed bug encounters will be the only reliable way to ensure they don’t spread into your own home.  If you are planning on traveling, it might be a good idea to check out any recent reports.  If you suspect you have a bed bug problem in your home, it is recommended you contact a Minnesota pest control expert as soon as possible!

And the Bedbug Registry, launched in 2006 as a free public database for disgruntled travelers to anonymously grumble or investigate the vermin at prospective hotels, has seen a rise in bedbug reports. At the beginning of the year, the site saw 3,000 visitors and 20 new reports of bedbug sightings a day; that’s since spiked to 40,000 visitors and 100 new reports daily.

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