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Bed Bug Control MN

As you may know, bed bug infestations are challenging people in all kinds of residences. Besides, sucking blood from their victims, they leave unsightly fecal matters and shed skins in bed-associated parts, cracks, crevices, voids, folded places, as well as in every imaginable place of their hidden spaces. Furthermore, they are known to cause extreme anxiety to vulnerable individuals by turning their lives into nightmares. (more…)

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Pest Control Treatments

All it takes is a few females who can lay up to five eggs a day to begin an infestation. It happens startlingly fast. Statistics show a 10-fold increase in bed bug treatments in recent years. Entire buildings, shopping centers, hotels, homes and apartment buildings across North America have been shut down due to bed bug infestations. (more…)

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Economic Impact Of Bed Bugs

Economically, bed bug infestations are also a burden on society. Although the exact dollar amount is not known, the economic losses from health care, lost wages, lost revenue and reduced productivity can be substantial. The cost of effectively eliminating bed bugs may be significantly more than the cost of eliminating other pests because bed bug control usually requires multiple visits by a licensed pest control exterminator and diligence on the part of those who are experiencing the infestation. (more…)

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Win The War Against….. BED BUGS!

Identifying Bed Bugs

Maybe your family stayed in a hotel and wound up with suspicious itchy marks on their arms. Or you noticed your mattress seemed unusually dirty last time you changed the sheets. Maybe you found some red/brown spotting on your sheets. Perhaps you found some kind of tiny bug in your bedroom and aren’t sure what it is.

You’ve heard news lately of bed bug resurgence. So chances are that if you’ve seen possible signs of bed bugs, you are a little suspicious. The next thing you probably want to know is: what do bed bugs look like? (more…)

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