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Controlling Bed Bugs MN | Battling The Bed Bug Epidemic

The United States is currently experiencing a nightmarish epidemic of disgusting blood sucking parasites. There is a full blown bed bug epidemic happening all across America and it just seems to get worse with each passing year. Bed bugs will not kill you, but they can drive you insane.  Anyone that has ever had big, red welts all over their bodies from bed bug bites knows how terribly frustrating bed bugs can be.  They can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.  (more…)

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Minnesota Bed Bug Treatments Minneapolis MN

The old nursery rhyme is gaining new relevance as the blood-sucking insects are crawling into households and businesses, and straining the finances of many families.

Exterminators, public housing officials, social service providers and tenant advocacy groups report sharp increases in the number of bedbugs in recent years. Minneapolis Minnesota has been ranked as the 15th most infested city in the nation. (more…)

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Bed Bug Control MN

As you may know, bed bug infestations are challenging people in all kinds of residences. Besides, sucking blood from their victims, they leave unsightly fecal matters and shed skins in bed-associated parts, cracks, crevices, voids, folded places, as well as in every imaginable place of their hidden spaces. Furthermore, they are known to cause extreme anxiety to vulnerable individuals by turning their lives into nightmares. (more…)

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Pest Control Treatments

All it takes is a few females who can lay up to five eggs a day to begin an infestation. It happens startlingly fast. Statistics show a 10-fold increase in bed bug treatments in recent years. Entire buildings, shopping centers, hotels, homes and apartment buildings across North America have been shut down due to bed bug infestations. (more…)

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Economic Impact Of Bed Bugs

Economically, bed bug infestations are also a burden on society. Although the exact dollar amount is not known, the economic losses from health care, lost wages, lost revenue and reduced productivity can be substantial. The cost of effectively eliminating bed bugs may be significantly more than the cost of eliminating other pests because bed bug control usually requires multiple visits by a licensed pest control exterminator and diligence on the part of those who are experiencing the infestation. (more…)

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Professional vs. Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Treatments

The once-forgotten bed bug has rebounded in a major way throughout the U.S. A survey out last month of pest control companies estimated that 95 percent of exterminators had reports of bed bugs in their area, as opposed to 25 percent in 2000. Although New York City has been the most notorious, with infestations in movie theaters and retail clothing stores, Minneapolis is on the list of the top 15 most infested cities in the country. For the first time in memory, exterminators were hearing from hotels about bed bugs. (more…)

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It can happen to anyone!

You may remember that old saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”  We were always taught that bed bugs don’t really exist anymore and not to be scared of them.  Well, they are back.  Due to a resurgence of bed bugs in the United States, infestations have become an issue in recent years.

What Do Bedbugs Look Like? (more…)

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