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Beetles in Minnesota

Asian Lady Beetles, Part III – Problems Occurring From Infestation

The Asian Lady Beetle has become a nuisance on Minnesota for many reasons.  Their large numbers, especially in the fall, can lead them into our homes.    

The Asian Lady Beetle is not known to carry any diseases.  However, while searching for food, they can inadvertently bite hard enough to break human skin, causing discomfort.  While the beetles do not sting, it can be very uncomfortable to be enjoying the outdoors and run into a swarm of these beetles and be bitten several times.

This beetle also secretes a strong-smelling liquid from their legs.  This liquid not only smells badly, but can also stain surfaces, such as clothing or outdoor furniture.  If the pests enter your home, staining can occur on your furniture, towels, carpet or clothing as well.

Yet another issue occurring as a result of an Asian Lady Beetle infestation is the diet of these beetles.  Since the Asian Lady Beetle feeds on aphids and other lady beetle varieties which can be beneficial to the ecosystem naturally occurring in your yard, the natural balance can be put off-kilter if you have a significant number of these beetles.

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