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Grubs, Part II – Life Cycle and Characteristics of a Grub

It’s summer in Minnesota.  While we shake off our winter blahs, our yard pests come out of hibernation and begin the devastation of our yards.  One of the most irritating pests in our yards is Grubs

The life cycle of a common White Grub is usually around three years.  The younger grubs cause the least amount of damage to your plants and trees, whereas the older grubs, or two- to three- year old grubs cause the most damage.

The White Grub larvae are white and C-shaped.  The body is somewhat transparent, or see-through.  The White Grub larva will have a brown head, obvious mandibles and three sets of legs.  One-year old grubs may be hard to see or recognize, while the two- and three-year old grubs will be approximately one-half inch in length.  You will see several grubs in your soil when preparing a flower bed or digging in your garden if there is an issue.

If you suspect a grub infestation, it is important to act quickly.  Call your friendly Eco Tech representative today for a free consultation; we can begin our earth-friendly organic treatment of the pests immediately.  Eco Tech – your “green, clean pest control solution”.

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Grubs, Part I

Grubs are one of the most destructive, and invisible, pests in Minnesota.  You may not even know you have a grub problem until significant damage to your plants and lawn has occurred.

The most common destructive grub in Minnesota is the White Grub.  The White Grub is the larvae of the May Beetle or the June Bug.  Your lawn may look as if it is in need of water and/or is faded or droopy, even if it has been watered regularly.  This type of damage is usually caused by one- or two-year old grubs by feeding on the roots of your lawn or plants.  White Grubs are very destructive to trees, especially seedlings, as well. 

If you suspect you may have grubs, please call Eco Tech for more information.  One of our friendly representatives will schedule a free consultation.  We can begin treatment of your problem with our organic line of products immediately.  Eco Tech, your “green, clean pest control solution”.  Call us today!

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Identification of Carpenter Ants

Have you seen ants in or around your home, but aren’t sure if you have a Carpenter Ant problem?

Identification of Carpenter Ants can be difficult, which is another reason Eco Tech recommends seeking professional help in identifying your pests and removing them from your home.  Termites and Carpenter Ants look and act similarly.  Carpenter Ants have large, dark-colored bodies, narrow waists and instead of straight antennae like a termite, have elbowed, or bent antennae.  If the ants you see are one of the castes of ants which have wings, the set of wings farthest from the ants’ heads will be obviously smaller than the set of wings closest to the ants’ heads.  Termites have a broad waist and equally sized wings.

There are many different “castes”, or types, of Carpenter Ants, such as the queen, workers and males.  Since any of these three castes of Carpenter Ants look differently from one another, and many of these ants look and act similarly to termites and some other types of ants, it is imperative to seek professional help when identifying and removing the ant infestation.

At Eco Tech, we offer a free consultation to diagnose the ant situation in your home and can begin immediately with our organic treatment of the infestation.  Eco Tech, your green, clean pest control solution.  Call today for your free consultation.

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What do Carpenter Ants Eat?

 A common misconception about Carpenter Ants is that they eat wood; they do not.  Carpenter Ants make hollow trails in wood to nest in.  If you see hollow spaces or tunnels in your wood and there is no “frass”, or sawdust, left behind, you may have a Carpenter Ant problem.

If Carpenter Ants have created nests inside a building or home, they feed on sugars and sources of protein, such as syrup, honey, some fruits, granulated sugar and meat.  If you see even one or two an evening inside your home, you likely have a nest or at the very least a “scent trail” which others will follow.  If found outside, Carpenter Ants feed on insects both living and dead.  If not treated immediately, the number of nests will increase dramatically and they become more difficult to dispose of.

If you think you may have a Carpenter Ant problem, call the professionals at Eco Tech today.  We offer a friendly, free consultation and will diagnose your problem immediately.  We can tell you which type of ant you have, and treat for that type with our organic product line of treatments.  If you are in need of Carpenter Ant identification and removal, call us – we’re here to help.

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How do I know if I have Carpenter Ants?


Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants are among the most damaging of all the insects in Minnesota.  In addition to nesting in moist wood, such as a wood pile outside of your home or decaying trees or stumps, they can be found inside buildings from such places as around bathtubs and behind dishwashers to under roofs, in some types of insulation and in attics. 

Carpenter Ants make many satellite nests in addition to the main nest which the queen resides in.  In addition to the satellite nests, the main nest must be exterminated, along with the queen, in order to ensure all Carpenter Ants are gone and will remain gone.  For this reason, it is extremely important to seek professional help from Eco Tech to rid your home of these pests.

If you think you may have a Carpenter Ant problem, call Eco Tech today for a friendly, free consultation.  We will diagnose the problem and begin immediately with our organic product line of treatments.  Eco Tech is your green, clean pest control solution. 

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